Cuddle yourself happy!

Your luxurious blanket made from sustainable merino wool.
Noé by KNUS™
The best for your relaxation

Relax better, sleep better or simply rest better - Noé makes dreams come true. Noé is designed and produced in Europe. Naturally sustainable and made from finest merino wool - Noé gifts you a hug that's addictive.

Relaxation like on cloud 9

This is probably what most people wish for. After all, 80% of all German workers sleep poorly. We want to change that and make sleep the best time of the day.

Our blankets are incredibly cosy, sustainable and have a wonderful heaviness that helps you come down. Just what you need.

The science behind

Feel hugged.

Noé's evenly distributed weight means your body releases less of the stress hormone cortisol.

Sleep like a baby.

Melantonin is the magic word. Our sleep hormone is stimulated by the deep pressure of the blanket.

Noé makes happy.

Under the blanket, the body's own happiness hormones, serotonin, are released #cozy!

30 Day Return Guarantee
Cuddly. Guaranteed.

We love Noé and are sure that you will fall in love with her too. That's why we're giving you 30 days to try out this new cuddling experience.

If anything doesn't fit, send Noé back to us. Or simply give it away to your loved ones. It may happen that you only find them snuggled up. After all, you're giving away an oasis of peace.


Simply less stress.

You're under stress, your head can't rest, but starts a thought marathon just in time for bed? Let's solve that while you sleep. We have intensively studied the topics of exhaustion, anxiety and stress. Our blankets help you relax, wind down and relieve stress with their pleasant weight.

More Info
Soft as wool.

An hug that is addictive. Finest Merino wool, 100% transparent manufacturing.

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Bääähtter for the Planet

Sustainable production: with 20l/kg water consumption to perfection.

We do it differently.

About our mission, what drives us and why we are different.

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