Was sind eigentlichen Gewichtsdecken? Noe von KNUS erklärt.

What are Weighted Blankets, actually?

Sleeping could be so easy. If it weren't for the stress at work that would like to follow us into our dreams. If falling asleep becomes a problem and it is impossible to sleep through the night, there can be various reasons for this. An effective solution could be a weighted blanket that will help you stop counting sheep and sleep soundly.

How does weight affect me?

It stimulates our autonomic nervous system and makes us feel calm and relaxed. This effect is also called "deep-touch-pressure". Various studies have shown that the deep pressure exerted on our body by lying under a weighted or therapeutic blanket stimulates serotonin production - happiness hormones are thus released, which not only ensure that the stress hormone cortisol decreases, but also that a feeling of inner peace, security and serenity spreads. The absolute jackpot with Noé, however, is that melatonin production is increased. Our body releases more of the hormone that makes it easier for us to fall asleep. A dream!

Sleep like a baby

When small children are wrapped tightly in a cloth, they feel particularly safe and secure. The so-called puck method is particularly helpful for crying children who just can't settle down and sleep. Weighted blankets or therapy blankets have the same effect. And who wouldn't like to sleep softly and peacefully like a baby again


Feeling yourself and falling asleep happily

The use of therapy blankets is manifold. They not only help with anxiety or sleep disorders, but also with other medical conditions that cause inner turmoil, such as ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), Alzheimer's disease, dementia, Parkinson's disease as well as many others.

Why it pays to buy a high-quality (weight) blanket


Noé acts like a cosy hug and helps our muscles and nervous system to relax. By the way, weighted blankets have earned their name. Unlike most weighted blankets, Noé is not filled with plastic balls, but with tiny glass balls, which are of course made of 100% recycled packaging glass. To prevent them from slipping, they are sewn into 10 x 10 cm squares. Disturbing noises that can occur when moving are also non-existent with Noé. The weight of the blanket is evenly and gently distributed over your body.

In search of contentment and security

KNUS Noe Embrace

As soon as Noé moves into your bedroom, you'll be that much closer to your goal of finally falling asleep relaxed and secure.The seven layers that make up Noé guarantee the ultimate cuddly and feel-good experience. This is also ensured by the sustainably produced merino wool, which was refined in northern Italy, as well as the recycled intermediate layers made of polyester fibres.

Noé - The weighted blanket with a green thumb

For every order of Noé, by the way, a mangrove tree is planted. Production is exclusively in Europe, which means that transport routes are short and CO2 is thus saved. So it seems that under Noé you can also go to sleep with a clear conscience, having invested in a sustainably produced but also high-quality product.


Sustainability KNUS weighted blanket

Merino wool - your melatonin levels will thank you


The wool used for Noé comes from Italy. Merino wool is probably the softest, cosiest and best material you could snuggle up in under a weighted blanket.And Noé is a real looker to boot. Keyword Elegance by Design. Precise lines, elegant colours and an Italian look that looks good not only in the bedroom but also on the couch

Elegant design of the weighted ceiling by KNUS

Feng Shui under the weighted ceiling

Maybe Noé even has an influence on the Qi (read: Chi) in your bedroom. The high-quality and, above all, sustainably produced weighted blanket is sure to ensure that your already cosily furnished haven of peace in your home is definitely Yin.


By the way, one tip from the basic Feng Shui rules for furnishing any bedroom is that you should keep the room tidy and use as little furniture and accessories as possible. With Noé you soon won't need much anyway to finally sleep well, soundly and healthily again.