A movement for sustainability ours in textiles that make our customers and the planet happy.

Our Mission.

Our goal? By combining research, innovation and product quality, relaxation can be raised to a whole new level without the planet suffering as a result.


We sell products that are well thought of. That have a second purpose. We give back instead of wasting resources. For every product sold, we plant a mangrove tree.

Simply put, KNUS does not exist at the expense of anyone.

We do it differently.

It all started with a question: can we to create the ultimate ceiling - without harming the planet?

What started as a simple question quickly turned into a challenge. Tracking raw materials? Minimum water consumption of the textiles? CO2 compensation? No greenwashing?

We are confident that we have cleared all of these and many more hurdles.

The perfect fabric.

Due to the careful selection of fabrics, our blankets are not only supple and soft, but also environmentally friendly.