Noé by KNUS

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Weighted Blanket (6.5kg) "Noé" from KNUS. Made in EU.

The blanket feels like it is made of merino wool fine & soft on, is consistent and has a pleasant Heavinessthat will help you come down. 

Merino wool: from controlled husbandry, certified. 

In 3 colors available: Burgundy, pine green and light blue. The back of the blanket is in all three variants Deep blue.

The timeless design matches your couch, your living room and your style.

data: 6.5kg, 200x145cm

material: Merino wool, filling: 100% recycled materials (e.g. fine glass beads made from recycled packaging glass)

Noé is sustainably produced. What does that mean?

  • Merino Wool: sustainably produced, Origin 100% traceable
  • Water comsumption: 20l/kg (vs. Cotton approx. 22.000 l/kg, WWF)
  • We exclusively rely on recycelte materials for the other layers

Our initiatives for sustainability: We...

  • plant one Mangrove-tree per Order.  
  • produce sustainably in Europe, no unnecessary long ways
  • ship CO2-neutral with DHL GoGreen
  • are a paper-free company

7 layers, for your snuggling experience: outer merino wool, gently wrapping you and the other layers:

  • 100% recycled polyester;
  • 100% recycled mid-layer;
  • 100% recycled tiny glass beads;
  • .

    The filling, which gives Noé an even weight, is sewn into small squares (10x10cm). There is no noise when it moves.

    The origin of the wool is fully traceable (Green Trace Certification) and all other materials are also certified. KNUS is in the application process as B-Corp.

    Noé will last for years with the right care.

    Wash cold (30ºC) by hand and machine. Use wool care products.

    Please do not turn on the spin cycle and leave the iron off.


    Pflegehinweis KNUS Noe Decke

    What makes Noé special?


    Wool from family farm.

    Traditionelle Handwerkskunst.

    Double stitching, 10x10cm stitching, evenly distributed weight.


    Procurement, production and reverse processing are designed to be circular. Nothing gets lost.

    We are carbon negative by nature.

    All of the materials we use are either natural or recycled.

    Scientifically good

    With Noé's evenly distributed weight, your body releases happiness hormones!

    Experience quality sleep again.

    + Serotonin
    + Melatonin
    - cortisol

    What are weighted blankets?

    All about the topic
    Quality you can feel.
    Merino Wolle. Tailored in Italy.

    We've spared no effort to bring you the best, softest and cosiest blanket. See for yourself just how fluffy and soft Noé is!

    Elegance by design

    Precise lines, elegant colours. Italian design that looks good on any couch.

    Your Companion

    We and our first customers have tested Noé and are sure that you too will fall in love with Noé. That's why we're giving you 30 days to try out this new cuddle experience.

    If something doesn't fit, we take Noé back. Or you gift the blanket to your loved ones. And thus an oasis of calm.

    Sustainable by design.

    Relaxation for 🌍

    Our products are circular & sustainably produced.We plant one mangrove tree per purchase.These store more CO2 than a tree in the rainforest!

    Sustainability @KNUS